• Saint Cyril and Methodius
    patrons of Slavs

    Born in Thessaloniki (Greece) in the beginning of 9th century, they are known to have evangalized the slavic nations of Panonia and Great Moravia.

  • Brothers coming to Rome

    In 867, Cyril and Methodius arrived in Rome. The donated the pope the relics of st. Clement brought from the Crimea Island.

  • Approval of the
    liturgical books

    Pope Adrian II approved of their translations of Bible and liturgical books into the language of Slavs.

  • Priestly ordination

    The pope treated the brothers in a very kind way: he even ordained their disciples priests in order to secure the future of their mission.

  • Saint Methodius
    among the princes of Slavs

    During another visit to Rome, Methodius was consecrated bishop: the pope named him legate to Slavs. Cyril died in Rome in 869.

  • Saint Gorazd
    and other disciples

    Before he died in 885, Methodius chose Gorazd as his successor. Among other significant disciples, there were Clement, Nahum, Sava and Angelarius.